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Our mission is to inspire engineers that they love to build, and provide an environment in which they can grow and matter in what they do.

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We are cloud enthusiasts, software developers, advisors and nerds of the generations X, Y and Z who love technology. We believe that everyone loves to work and give their best when the work is interesting, at least a little bit challenging and fun, and impacts others in a positive way.

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Decision Advisory & Consulting

We support you on your cloud journey and offer the most relevant information to solve your problems.

Introduction to Cloud Technologies
Solution Design

With the help of our Solution Architects we support you to get the most out of your cloud transformation.

Native Cloud Development

We are experts in native cloud development and support you to get the needed know-how to become the same.

Software Development

We deliver custom software solutions for your company's needs.

The agile approach
Modern Workplace

We help you to setup your own modern workplace of the future.

Modern Workplace Solution


Information Events

We offer Information Events for current topics around technologies and strategic decisions.

  • Community Events
  • Keynote Talks

Enablement Workshops

We enable your engineers to use the latest technologies and best practices.

  • Technical Enablement
  • Business Enablement

Training On The Job

We help your engineers on-site to adapt to the transformation of their technologies in use.

  • Cloud Solution Design
  • Native Cloud Development

The joint approach

0. Start.

Know your current state and your vision - together we will find your right strategy.

1. Build.

Understand your company's culture and get ready for your first cloud migration proejct.

2. Grow.

Evolve your operating model, define your cloud roadmap and plan your first cloud transformation project.

3. Matter.

Optimize your processes, automate as much as possible and think about how to reinvent your applications.

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