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In order to master a challenge, we also need creative (it) employees with different perspectives. Build. Grow. Matter - not only describes the vision that we want to convey to the outside world, but also what our team defines and internalizes. We want to enable everyone to develop and grow. We unfold growth and change through passion, curiosity and motivation. Do you feel addressed? There you go!

  • Mobile Developer m/w
    YOUR TASKS You develop apps under iOS/iPadOS or Android for the users at our customers' sites (B2B) or for our customers' customers (B2B2C), in close cooperation with our internal team and the customers. We deliver and develop exclusively with highly automated processes (CI/CD, deployment in the respective stores). Furthermore you are responsible for the mobile applications in this part of the CI/CD chain. Among other things, you will build apps that use augmented reality to support the user in his tasks, e.g. in logistics and industry, but also for private end users, e.g. orientation at events or in large buildings. Xcode and Android Studio are the tools for your daily work. REQUIREMENTS We expect you to already have some experience in creating apps under iOS/iPadOS as well as Android, and an interest in augmented reality. What we are looking for and what you can learn or expand in the course of your work with us: Understanding of CI/CD via Bitbucket and fastlane Alternative app development frameworks such as React Native UI and UX development based on target group and requirements Connection of cloud-based backends (via REST or GraphQL) "Make it simple" approach to app creation Agile software development, without confusing hectic and agility :-) DevOps-Mindset Critical questioning and active participation in many aspects of the overall solution English as working language - we produce documentation, but also a lot of internal information often in English, as we have an international customer base. ABOUT US We want to evoke changes in companies so that IT brings added value to the company. We achieve this with adapted, comprehensive solutions in the field of technology in IT, but also in the organization of the company. Cloud technologies, CI/CD, agile development methods and DevOps are the basic building blocks for these solutions. The move to the cloud not only requires technical changes, it must be accompanied by organizational changes, because cloud does not leave one stone unturned in the company. With the knowledge of almost 25 years of development for the Internet, and participation in many major international projects, we go to our customers and develop an understanding of their problems, their requirements and existing solutions, and develop software solutions, architecture changes or cloud migration strategies tailored to these. Full Stack Development and DevOps are not just buzzwords for us, they are the reason for our agility, our commitment and the value we create for our customers. No customer problem is foreign to us, no customer concern is too small for us not to consider and respond to it. We are only satisfied when our customers are. In order to achieve this every day, we give our employees a lot of freedom. To be able to try something simply is necessary to get ahead and explore new things, and what many would see as failure is an important gain of knowledge for us. We want our employees to develop as freely as possible, in their knowledge and personally. Trying out, fiddling around, growing - we encourage this and need it for our success with customers. Every employee has their own access to all Udemy Business courses as well as to courses and the community of ACloudGuru, and we actively promote certification across a broad spectrum. We are looking for "highly specialized generalists" who can think outside the box. JETZT BEWERBEN >>
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