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DevOps Team


An enterprise customer has an operating partner who takes care of all operational issues that arise in the course of the business. In the course of iterative cloud migration, the need for automation in operations is also increasing.


The client conducts international marketing activities. He uses a wide variety of platforms such as Google, Facebook or Amazon to obtain customer interaction data.




10 locations



10.000 employees

production, sport, media, sales


An enterprise company has an operating partner who is responsible for all operational data center issues (network, virtual machine, barebone, monitoring, databases, ...). In the course of the continuous path to the cloud, some topics have been added. This includes processes and procedures (many automatisms) and also the enabling of new teams. Here one would like to have a central point of contact for provisioning of cloud resources - automated, cloud monitoring, build pipeline for the deployment of small artifacts. 


In cooperation with the enterprise company, a DevOps team was founded. This team should cover topics on 2 cloud platforms as well as configuration management on the infrastructure. Monitoring in the cloud was to be considered as well as the embedding of the new tools and paths into the existing process landscape (ticketing tools, main monitoring tool, interfaces abroad to 24/7 operation partners).


  • Know-how transfer to individual team members or the entire team (Terraform, AWS, Azure). 

  • Interface between enterprise company and operating partner * New monitoring possibility to evaluate and use specific usecases 

  • Recruiting of new team members 

  • Project management of various topics with the involvement of DevOps team members 

  • CI/CD pipeline adaptations * Process optimization in the company, so that the appropriate steps are taken in the case of an operational incident (alarms, notifications, 1st level, 2nd level, 3rd level support structure)

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