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Kubernetes / SAP Data Intelligence


The client runs many global marketing activities worldwide. Among other things, many Internet platforms are included. This raw data, in the form of customer interaction data from the various platforms, must be processed accordingly so that it can be visualized later.


The client conducts international marketing activities. He uses a wide variety of platforms such as Google, Facebook or Amazon to obtain customer interaction data.




10 locations



10.000 employees

production, sport, media, sales


  • Increased global marketing activities worldwide

  • Different Internet platforms must be included

  • Customer interaction data from the various platforms is delivered in aggregated form via a third party company.

  • Raw data must be processed and visualized for management reports


In order to meet the challenging market conditions, the improvement of transparency, consistency and efficiency was strived for. In order to optimize these criteria in the long term, a software solution was sought that would offer a solution for the current issues as well as attractive opportunities for further development. Specifically, the following requirements had to be met:

  • Installation of a Kubernetes cluster on Microsoft Azure on AKS (Azure Kubernetes Service)

  • Network architecture (complex topology to various other systems, central intermediate systems and various connections to the in-house data center)

  • Cloud architecture (architecture planning, evaluation of new services with other cloud providers, connection of source and target storage pots with other cloud providers)

  • DevOps support (integration of a DevOps team, which is automatically responsible for the provisioning of the infrastructure, as well as the installation of the cyber software)

  • Operational Support (integration of an operation team to ensure 24/7 operation, with corresponding incident chain and processes (dependence on almost 10 partners)

  • Technical project support (performance optimization of pipelines, error handling, regular SAP replacement, ticket handling SAP)


Since the customer has a strong SAP focus in the group, a new software from SAP has been included to help with this. SAP Data Intelligence is a software that helps to load data from various source systems, analyze and process them and then write them back to a new target. From this target table, an SAP visualization tool loads the data to provide the management with appropriate analyses and reports.

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