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Hello Blogsphere – creative-it introduces itself!

The starting signal for our blog has been given - our entry into the blogsphere begins. Different projects require individual knowledge. This is exactly where we want to and will start, but who is behind creative-it and what exactly are we doing?

Creative-it - We are a group of like-minded people with talents and deep expertise in many disciplines. Our creative-it blog was created because we want to share our experience across projects so that everyone can benefit from our individual knowledge. By means of targeted knowledge transfer we want to share our motivation and our fire for technology and thereby support individual growth. By individual growth we understand both the growth of the company and the further development of personal skills. We have made it our goal to create and provide an environment in which growth and creativity can be given free rein. The core of our daily work is the personal relationship with our customers. We want to understand how our customers work, what they want to achieve and what gaps in knowledge they want to close.

In order to transfer our vision "build. grow. matter" with all its facets to our customers, we would like to start and support in many different spheres - among other things with our blog on various topics such as cloud computing, machine learning or personal development.

Creative WHO?

The name speaks for itself, because creative-it sees itself as a creative individual with vision. In the same way, our employees are seen as unique talents with an individual striving for knowledge, personal growth and the motivation to pass this development on to others.

Creative-it does not only share a common goal, but also a common and associated way of thinking. This way of thinking, which is often used in our company with the Anglicism "Mindset", includes above all a solution-oriented way of working and the will to develop further.

At the center is the "WE" - together we support our customers on their way with our well-founded and long-standing expertise. Together we hold on to the belief to create extraordinary solutions for our customers.

So who is behind the "WE" of creative-it? We are a team of experienced software developers, solution architects and digital marketers. What connects us? We all act as consultants in our areas of expertise and thus bring internal knowledge to the outside. Our team consists of talents who use different approaches to create interfaces to each other. Our cross-functional way of working allows us to operate as a unit with the passion to change something.

Creative – WHAT?

We start exactly where support is needed and enable our customers to learn from us. The goal is to provide the respective company with the necessary knowledge to be able to work independently and autonomously. We support all the way with profound technical and process know-how, which is specifically tailored to the needs of our customers.

Creative – HOW?

The heart of our daily work is the interaction with our customers. The key to a successful collaboration is not only understanding and sharing a vision, but also understanding the way we work and our goals. We see this personal interaction as an important element of trust. And through trust, hurdles can be overcome and complex knowledge can be conveyed.

Our abstract way of working makes it possible for us to adapt and integrate to the individual working environments of our clients.

We build. We grow. We matter

Your creative-it


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