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Insider Navigation feat. creative-it

Over the years, various technologies were experimented with and tested for indoor positioning worldwide in many different areas. Besides the need for high accuracy due to the density of objects, industries, in general, have additional challenging constraints regarding the installation of hardware. The problem with additional hardware is precisely where creative-it and Insider Navigation come in. Together we eliminate the need for other hardware and thus also the necessary ongoing maintenance of it. Creative-it will interact with Insider Navigation as a technical development partner. But who is Insider Navigation, and what are they doing?

Cooperation Insider Navigation and creative-it. Creative-it will interact as a development partner from now on.
from left to right: Linda Mohamed (creative-it), Lena Miglbauer (Insider Navigation), Alica Weber (creative-it)

Insider Navigation developed a unique large-scale Augmented Reality platform. Their technology emerged in collaboration with several research centers and universities over eight years. Through that platform, a hardware-free and centimeter-precise Augmented Reality indoor, and outdoor positioning is possible. The cherry on the top? There is no need for different technologies like GPS or the use of any hardware like beacons. Or should we say cherries on the top? Well, there are a lot of them. We can set up the AR platform in any venue easily within a few days and develop a tailormade prototype in a few weeks.In addition to Navigation, Insider Navigation offers many more solutions in cooperation with its partner network. Available use cases are, i.e., optimized preventive maintenance routines, logistics & warehouse processes, factory monitoring through live IoT data, and more.

What’s behind Insider Navigation?

In short: A unique technology. After the development phase, the product was made available for iOS and other operating systems. The incredibly flexible system meets the highest security requirements and makes it possible to track their position by computer vision to an accuracy of 1.5 cm. Insider Navigation makes it possible to make your product available on any AR compatible device - as the SDK runs on iOS, Android, Windows, and Linux.

The management interface is highly customizable and runs on various cloud services in docker containers or on-premise in your datacenter.

What’s the role of creative-it in this cooperation?

In this constellation, creative-it is not only the part that sets up all available standard solutions for the customer - but we also develop individual prototypes for our clients and work on joint pilot projects with our clients. Together with our customers, we start at the root of the problems and solve them with customized products. The result can lead to a wide variety of product solutions, such as a classic B2C customer application available to users in public app stores with possibilities for direct marketing and sales with user-specific targeting. Another use case can be a B2B application as digital support for employees to optimize internal processes in their efficiency and traceability. Finally, we are also open to business models where we are working on a solution together with a client that will be available for their customers, considered a B2B2C application.

Stay tuned for upcoming projects and don’t hesitate to contact us now for your solution.


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